Michael C. Cudahy Criminal Justice Award

Recognizing that criminal law prosecutor who has worked tirelessly to advance the principles of criminal justice by representing the public’s interest with integrity, fairness, tenacity, creativity, brilliance and, above all, professionalism. (Award established 3/17/06)

2022 Recipient

Elizabeth Burton Ortiz has a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics, a Master of Arts in Political Science, and a Juris Doctor. After graduating from law school, Ms. Ortiz clerked at the Arizona Court of Appeals. Ms. Ortiz then joined the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, where she served as a Bureau Chief in Juvenile, Pretrial, Charging, and Appeals. In 2009, Ms. Ortiz joined the Arizona Prosecuting Attorneys’ Advisory Council (“APAAC”) and was subsequently named Executive Director. In addition to her APAAC duties, Ms. Ortiz is a sworn special prosecutor in several Arizona jurisdictions. Ms. Ortiz is co-chair of the Arizona Governor’s Commission to Prevent Violence Against Women, chair of the State Bar of Arizona Public Lawyers Executive Council, and chair of the State Bar of Arizona Criminal Justice Executive Council. She serves as a board member for National Association of Prosecutor Coordinators, National District Attorney’s Association, Arizona Forensic Science Academy, Arizona Supreme Court’s Commission of Victims in Court, State Bar of Arizona Board of Legal Specialization, and State Bar Professionalism Advisory Council. Ms. Ortiz teaches throughout the United States and Mexico, and is a facilitator for the Lessons From the Holocaust: What You Do Matters course.

Previous Recipients

The award has been presented to:

2006     Rick A. Unklesbay
2007 Paul K. Charlton
2008 Daniel G. Knauss
Kathleen A. Mayer
2009 Barbara LaWall
2010 Sandra M. Hansen
2011 Beth A. Anderson
2012 Sheila Polk
2013 Hon. Randall M. Howe
Hon. Kent Cattani
2014 Theodore Campagnolo  
2015 Kellie L. Johnson
2016 James Alan Goodwin
2017 Hon. John S. Leonardo
2018 Kimberly H. Ortiz
2019 Ryan P. Green
2020 Bill R. Hughes
2021 Kent Volkmer
2022 Elizabeth Burton Ortiz
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