What can't the State Bar investigate?

  • The State Bar does not investigate charges of malpractice or resolve legal issues.
  • The State Bar does not investigate charges against judges. Allegations of misconduct against Arizona judges should be referred to the Commission on Judicial Conduct.
  • The State Bar does not investigate charges against lawyers who are not licensed in Arizona, unless they are practicing law in Arizona. For allegations against nonlawyers click here.


How are charges resolved?

Charges received by the State Bar of Arizona may be resolved in one of several ways:

  • Charges are dismissed if the conduct alleged does not violate the Rules of Professional Conduct contained in Rule 42 of the Rules of the Supreme Court of Arizona or other applicable Supreme Court rules.
  • Low-level violations or client relation problems may be resolved by Intake. If the charges against an attorney, alternative business structure (ABS), or legal paraprofessional (LP) are found to violate the Rules of Professional Conduct, the attorney, ABS, or LP may be referred to a diversion program.
  • If a charge is limited to a fee dispute the charge may be referred to fee arbitration.
  • More serious violations, or repeated violations, may result in an attorney, ABS, or LP being required to pay restitution, ordered to pay costs, being issued an admonition, being placed on probation, reprimanded, suspended, disbarred or license revocation.