Conservatorship Program

When an attorney is no longer able to practice due to death, disability, disbarment or suspension -- or if an attorney abandons their practice -- it should be temporarily or permanently transferred to a successor appointed by the attorney. If an attorney has not prearranged for a successor, the State Bar of Arizona steps in to close the practice and safeguard the attorney's files until they can be returned to the clients.

The State Bar will store the attorney's files for a period of time, or until they are able to locate the clients. Currently, the Bar is safeguarding records from the practices of the following attorneys. This is a comprehensive list. If the name of your attorney isn't here, we don't have the records.

If you, or someone you know, was a client of one of the following attorneys/firms, please contact Katherine Jendrisak at conservatorships@staff.azbar.org or 602.340.7359.

Client Files in the State Bar's Possession

Attorney County
Berlin, Laurence Maricopa
Childress, Carol L.  Maricopa
De Lucio, Alexander Maricopa
Gregan, Maureen E Maricopa
Howell, Wayne Maricopa
Meell, Gregory J.  Maricopa
Mendoza, Joseph N. Pima
Nolan, Cari McConeghy Maricopa
Parker, Douglas G. Maricopa
Raup, Calvin L.  Maricopa
Schwartz, Michael L. Maricopa
Torok, Gregory T.  Yuma
Virtue, Pamela A.  Maricopa


Client Wills in the State Bar's Possession

Attorney or Firm Name                                County/State
Snyder Jr., Robert J. Cochise
Boates, Craighton Maricopa
Bryce, Mark S. Graham
Udall, Kenyon Graham
Bellamak, Ferris Maricopa
Biaett, Kenneth B. Maricopa
Brody, Marvin D. Maricopa
Elliott, John R. Maricopa
Evans, Kunz & Bluemle Maricopa
Evans & Kunz Maricopa
Galbasini, Donald C. Maricopa
Goodson Jr., Ernest Maricopa
Hazen, Robert L. Maricopa
Hill & Savoy Maricopa
Hurley, Michael E. Maricopa
Johnson, Richard A. Maricopa
Klein, Danny L. Maricopa
Klein, Howard M. Maricopa
Kuhse, Harold H. Maricopa
Leibsohn, Eaton, Gooding & Romley Maricopa
Lewkowitz, Burton Maricopa
Lewkowitz, Herman Maricopa
Little, Meredith Pima
Lowry Jr., Edward F. Maricopa
Madden, John Maricopa
Mahowald, Joseph M. Maricopa
Montgomery, Danny W.  Pima
Moore, Alvin Maricopa
Moring, Carl Maricopa
Morris, Richard W. Maricopa
Mothershead, Robert C. Maricopa
O'Brien, Joseph D. Maricopa
O'Connor Cavanagh Maricopa
Pattullo, John G. Maricopa
Penrod, Samuel W. Maricopa
Petrie, Robert A. Maricopa
Powell, John Maricopa
Remender, M. Richard Maricopa
Reynolds, Joe S. Maricopa
Rich, Joseph T. Maricopa
Richmond, Larry J. Maricopa
Robbins, Merrill W. Maricopa
Rosen, David K. Maricopa
Rowe, John B. Maricopa
Sage, Norman J. "Jim" Pima
Savoy, John Maricopa
Schaper, John Maricopa
Simon, J. Stephen Maricopa
Shelley, Jerrold R.  Maricopa
Snowberger, John R. Maricopa
Snowberger, O'Brien, Hardy & McCougall      Maricopa
Stannard, Frederick F. Maricopa
Stark, J. Robert Maricopa
Strouf, Yvonne J. Maricopa
Thomas, John Maricopa
Vucichevich, Rad Maricopa
Whitlow, Laurence H. Maricopa
Whitney, Harold E. Maricopa
O'Brien, J. Frank Navajo
Bonn, Robert A. Pima
Brock, Warren B. Pima
Callaway, William H. Pima
Chapa, Arthur Pima
Emanuel, Reuben M. Pima
Forcier, Richard R. Pima
Goetz, Richard H. Pima
Goldbaum, Arthur Pima
Larkin, F. Edward Pima
Lucht, Thomas Pima
Miller, Leslie L. Pima
Royal, Robert Pima
Roylston & Roylston Pima
Russo, Cox, Dickerson, Butler & Russo Pima
Sammons, Randall M. Pima
Sipe, Ilene G. Pima
Taylor, Charlene M. Pima
Bagnall, Harry Pinal
Stokes, Charles Pinal
Bowen, Ted. B. Yuma
Brandt, Ralph F. Yuma
Cooper, David Yuma
Didio, Joseph Yuma
Beatty, E. Paul CA (state)
Darling, Curtis CA (state)
Mennel, John C. FL (state)
Boyd, Walter P. IL (state)
Bair, III, Warner B. MT (state)
Kurland & Kurland NY (state)
Strebel, Milton J. NY (state)
Stapleton, Luke H. OK (state)
Pflug, Dennis K. WA (state)
Ehman, Waldman & Brody Unknown*
Gaws & Burke Unknown*

* Could not determine an Arizona county or a state where these firms practiced.