Winners Named in 2021 Arizona Attorney Arts Competition in Music Category

Congratulations to all the winners of the annual Arizona Attorney Creative Arts Competition. Each of them is featured in our May 2021 issue, which will be available in late April.

Because of obvious restrictions, our music winners' work cannot be published in the magazine. But it is available, here, for you to hear and enjoy. Well done, Joel Levine, named this year's winner, and Rex M. Anderson, whose work garnered him an Honorable Mention.

Winner backgrounds and tracks below:

Joel Levine

Joel Levine strongly objects when people refer to him as a Renaissance Man, claiming his lack of talent in the arts is clearly demonstrated to anyone who has ever heard him sing off-key or draw indecipherable stick figures posing as art. Joel prides himself on his work as an attorney specializing in mediation arbitration and neutral services and downplays his success as CEO of an entertainment company having produced 12 movies and a TV show and the books and articles he has written. Joel has lived in many places, including Venezuela as a Peace Corps volunteer and New York, Florida and California as an attorney and/or businessman, but tells us he has never been happier than his life in Arizona and his pride in being a member of our Bar. He hesitatingly submitted his songs at the urging of a friend and is thrilled ARIZONA ATTORNEY is sharing them with his fellow attorneys.

Joel wrote the lyrics and co-produced these songs with his music partner Eric Zeiler. Joel had significant input into the feel, rhythm, instrumentation and mix but the music was written by Eric. Joel receives 100 percent credit for the lyrics and Eric 100 percent credit for the music in all rights organizations.

He was recognized for three songs: "Eastern Standard Girl," "Dime in Dannemora" and "El Sueño Mexico."

Rex M. Anderson

Singer/songwriter Rex M. Anderson founded his live band Big FOR His Age (BFHA) in the late 1990s, playing original and cover songs while working as a trust officer for Bank of America. He then took a sabbatical from the financial services industry to obtain a degree in Audio Engineering and served as Director of Operation of Livinghead Audio Recording.

During that time he formed Rexomatic Records to record his own band's music and record other local Arizona artists. In the years that followed, BFHA was joined by an array of talented Arizona musicians for live shows and recording projects.

He practiced law in the area of estate planning for 10 years through the end of 2016, when he retired his practice.

During 2019-20, Rex and the BFHA family of musicians recorded and released their first vinyl record, Big FOR His AGE Too on both big beautiful red Vinyl and 180g black vinyl. The album features many BFHA bandmates from Arizona and around the country. Big FOR His AGE Too was co-produced by Andy Kern and Rex Anderson and mastered by Scott Hull.

BFHA continues to produce original retro rock music for themselves and their fans. The new vinyl album is available at Rexomatic.com and great local Phoenix record shops. The CD and digital BFHA music are available online at Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube etc.

Rex was recognized for his piece "Holding On."


Music Tracks

Joel Levine

Rex M. Anderson