Fee Arbitration Program

Mission Statement

The Fee Arbitration Program is a free, voluntary program for resolving fee disputes over $1,000 between State Bar members and their clients or, under certain circumstances, between State Bar members.  Both client and attorney must agree to the arbitration for it to proceed.  After a Petition for Arbitration of Fee Dispute is submitted, the files are compiled and processed in-house by Program staff. The matter is then assigned to a Fee Arbitration Program Volunteer Arbitrator (or panel, where appropriate) to oversee the discovery and hearing process, set and hold a Fee Arbitration hearing, review the evidence and arguments presented, and issue a binding Award resolving the fee dispute. The Program consists of 60 or more volunteer arbitrators who work independently on the matter(s) to which he/she is assigned.  The decisions of the arbitrator(s) are final and binding, and are subject to only limited appeal through the Superior Court system under the Arizona Revised Statutes.

Time Commitment: The Volunteer Group meets approximately once each year for a 2-hour training along with a comprehensive CLE on ethical billing, collections and resolving fee disputes. Arbitrators receive CLE credit for these commitments, along with public recognition for their service as State Bar Fee Arbitration Program Arbitrators. Each Arbitrator will hear and resolve at least one fee arbitration matter over the course of the year, when so requested by Program staff. 

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