Author Guidelines for Non-Members

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Arizona Attorney Magazine has been published for more than four decades.
The magazine is delivered to every attorney in the state each month; total circulation is more than 23,500. The attorneys themselves are typically the main source of content:
- Attorneys are the experts in their practice area.
- They identify trends that affect all lawyers, as well as in their specific area of law.
- They are attuned to upcoming changes in laws, rules or jury instructions.
- They identify upcoming or recently decided court cases that are noteworthy.


The primary purpose of articles in the magazine is to educate and inform on issues of substantive law and practical concern to practicing lawyers. The magazine covers important developments in law or law practice, and publishes stories in nearly every practice area, most written by attorneys experienced in those areas. The People column allows attorneys to tell colleagues about changes at their firm.


Articles may be submitted for consideration from experts in professional services areas covering a topic of particular interest for our readers, or relevant to the special advertising sections, referred to as “Guides,” that appear in the magazine throughout the year. The “Guides” typically contain the paid listings of experts in the featured topic area, for example, Technology, Real Estate, Wealth Management, Mediation, etc. The editor may choose to include a relevant article covering the ‘Guide’ topic area in that issue of the magazine.

Articles submitted by non-lawyers must meet the same criteria as any other article: The article must be original (not reprinted) content; and it must cover the topic in a balanced way that assists lawyers in their practice. Advertorial and purely marketing content are not accepted. The article should have 750 – 1,500 words and be double-spaced.


Many potential writers are unsure about what we may accept, and don’t want to spend time writing without some assurance there’s a good chance of publication. We understand the demands on busy professionals’ time, and so we accept query letters.


Once we receive a detailed query or a complete article, it is distributed to the Editorial Board (composed of lawyers practicing in various areas of law) and voted on at the next monthly meeting. When we indicate that we are interested in a query idea, that is not a guarantee that we will publish the final result, but it does give you a strong sense of what we’d like to see in the completed article.

After we vote to accept an article, we will let you know. The Editor then begins the process of “slotting” it into the magazine’s calendar.

If it relates to one of the special advertising sections, it will be scheduled for that issue, although there is no guarantee it will appear in the issue.


For questions, contact Editor Tim Eigo at Tim.Eigo@staff.azbar.org, 602.340.7310.
The Board and the Editor will not review articles that are being submitted simultaneously to other publications, and request notification whether the article (or any version of it) has been previously published, or is pending publication elsewhere.


Deadlines vary based on the type of article submitted:
- Substantive law stories by attorneys are reviewed by the Editorial Board; if a story is accepted, we will publish it as soon as possible.
- News items must be submitted at least two months before the cover date of the issue in which you’d like the item to appear. For example, for the May issue, send the item by March 1. (The May issue is mailed to readers the last week of April).
- “People” column items (for attorneys only) have no deadline; the sooner we receive the item, the sooner we can publish it.
- Articles to accompany special advertising sections have separate deadlines; contact the editor for the deadline calendar.

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