World Peace Through Law


The World Peace Through Law Section of the State Bar of Arizona ("section") was formed in 1989 to encourage world peace and justice through respect for international law. To this end, the section:

  • Facilitates debate among the legal profession on issues of world peace;
  • Organizes presentations on various topics relating to world peace through law to members of the public and other attorneys (Section member make these presentations);
  • Presents lectures and workshops at various times on "world peace through law" topics (guest lecturers from government, academia, business, or law may make the presentations);
  • Presents continuing legal education programs and sponsors delegations for members of the State Bar on topics related to world peace and justice through law; and
  • Informs the Board of Governors on matters which may be appropriate for Board action.

Representative "topics" of interest to the section include: The United Nations; The World Court; Global Security; The Law of War; Combatting Terrorism; War Crimes and an International Criminal Court; United States Policies, Political, and Economic Relations with Other Countries; International Conventions (e.g., Elimination of Discrimination Against Women, Protecting the Environment, Covenant on Civil and Political Rights); and Areas of Armed Conflict or Terrorism (e.g., Middle East, Palestine and Israel, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Africa, Northern Ireland, Latin America, and Asia).

The section meets monthly to accomplish its objectives,and it encourages participation in these meetings by lawyers, law students, judges, and other interested persons.


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SBA Section Administrator

Lukasz Romanik 
270 N. Church Ave, Suite 100
Tucson, AZ 85701-1113