Probate & Trust


(1.2) The purposes of the section shall be to consider all matters of legal interest relating to the various subjects covered by the section, as follows:

  • The law with respect to wills, the administration of estates, estate and tax planning, probate court jurisdiction, the advisability of specific probate statutes or rules, other matters of interest in the field of probate law, the law with respect to trusts in all of its various aspects, including the creation of trust estates, trustees and their powers and duties, trust companies and their relationships to trustors, beneficiaries and the public, the investment, control and protection of trust funds, the function of the various forms of trusts created, consideration of legislation with respect to trusts, and other matters of general interest in the field of trust law, the law with respect to guardianships and conservatorships, consideration of legislation pertaining to guardianships and conservatorships, the law with respect to Powers of Attorney and Living Wills and the consideration of legislation pertaining to Powers of Attorney or Living Wills.

(1.3) In addition to those purposes specifically set forth above in 1.2, the section shall promote throughout the State of Arizona, the legal education of the members of the Bar and the public on the subject of probate, trust law and related topics through the sponsorship of meetings, seminars and conferences devoted to those subjects and by the preparation and dissemination of pamphlets and brochures with respect thereto and by preparing and sponsoring the publication of legal writings in this field.

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