Running Your Practice

Running your law practice means considering things like technology, staffing, intake sheets, fee agreements, and more.  Here are some tools to help.


Setting the Fee

The best practice is to always use a written fee agreement.  Here are some samples to start with.  Also note, that Practice 2.0 offers free, confidential reviews of your fee agreement! Just send us an email or give us a call.

Engagement Letters

Here are some sample engagement letters, disengagement letters, and nonengagement letters to fit a variety of needs whether you decide not to move forward with a potential new client, that there are additional items that you want to communicate to your client above and beyond what is in the fee agreement, or if it is the end of the representation and you are following the best practice by sending your clients a disengagement letter so that there is no continuing expectation that you are still representing them. 

 Managing Clients

Staffing Your Law Practice

Research tools, forms, and practice guides

Technology Tools

Check out our Technology page for tools that can help you better and more efficiently manage your law practice.

Trust Accounting

Check out our Trust Accounting page for help managing your client trust account.

Succession Planning

Do you have a succession plan? Check out our Succession Planning page for more information.


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