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Late-Fee Waivers Offered to Arizona Lawyers Affected by Government Shutdown

PHOENIX – Jan. 15, 2019 – In an effort to help attorneys who have been affected by the government shutdown, the State Bar of Arizona will waive the late charges on their annual fees. Attorney membership fees are due every year on Feb. 1, which could coincide with the indefinite shutdown.

While we anticipate the Bar’s late-fee waiver will help members who are furloughed, a challenge we face is our ability to reach and notify them of the available resource.

“The State Bar understands that some of our members are having to go without paychecks during the shutdown,” said State Bar President Jeffrey Willis. “We don’t want to add to that stress by adding to their expenses. Once the shutdown is over, we’ll give members time to recover before expecting payment.”

Members who have been affected by the shutdown, and foresee a delay in paying their fees, will be required to submit a Hardship Waiver available on their Membership Dashboard. If they require additional information, they can call 602.340.7239 to speak to a member of our Resource Center.

These waivers will be available only to attorneys who have been affected by the government shutdown that began on Dec. 22, 2018.

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