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Attorney David R. Wroblewski Disbarred for Negligence and Mishandled Caseload of Nearly 250 Bankruptcy Clients

PHOENIX – Dec. 22, 2015 – On Dec. 11, 2015, a Supreme Court Hearing Panel disbarred David R. Wroblewski from the practice of law as a result of his firm's misconduct while representing nearly 250 bankruptcy clients.

Wroblewski, an unexperienced bankruptcy attorney, purchased attorney Jeffrey Phillips' bankruptcy practice, effective Jan. 1, 2011. Shortly after assuming the practice, a bankruptcy supervisor shared ethical concerns with him regarding caseloads, client cancellations, and client refund policies. Again, in late 2012, an attorney shared concern of large caseloads without adequate attorney support.

In early 2013, Wroblewski's firm had no significant support by attorneys or non-lawyer staff to handle pending matters or properly communicate with clients. Despite the lack of staff, the firm continued to accept clients. This led to an order by Bankruptcy Judge Daniel Collins that removed Wroblewski, his firm, and his firm’s attorneys as counsel of record in all cases and proceedings within the district of Arizona.

The Hearing Panel found that Wroblewski was not competent to oversee the bankruptcy practice, as he failed to assure that his firm abided by his clients' decisions regarding the representation, failed to diligently represent a number of bankruptcy clients, failed to adequately communicate with clients and failed to consult with them regarding events that may have impacted their bankruptcy cases. He also failed to promptly refund--or refund at all--unearned attorney's fees and unexpended filing fees, failed to promptly provide--or provide at all--client files to his former clients, and failed to expedite litigation consistent with the interests of his clients.

The Hearing Panel also found that Wroblewski failed to meet all of his responsibilities in managing his lawyer and non-lawyer staff and engaged in conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice. He also failed to promptly respond to some of the State Bar's investigations.

Prior to his disbarment, Wroblewski was reprimanded and place on probation for two years by judgment and order on Jan. 10, 2012.

David R. Wroblewski’s disbarment is effective on Jan. 11, 2016. He was ordered to provide evidence that he has fully complied with all Bankruptcy Court orders including any restitution awards. In addition, he must participate in fee arbitration if requested by clients and shall pay the State Bar of Arizona for costs and expenses incurred during its investigation.

Consumers may report attorney misconduct by calling the State Bar of Arizona Attorney/Consumer Assistance Program (A/CAP) hotline at 602.340.7280.

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