Bar's Professionalism Committee Recommends Changes to Lawyer's Oath and Creed

By Patricia Sallen
November 11, 2014

The State Bar of Arizona's Professionalism Committee is recommending several changes to the lawyer's oath and creed. The State Bar Board of Governors' Rules Committee, which reviews rule-change petitions and makes recommendations to the BOG, has directed that the Professionalism Committee's proposals be circulated as widely as possible to members for comment.

In 2013, the Professionalism Committee recommended substantial changes to the oath and creed. The committee was almost evenly split on those proposed changes. The Board of Governors asked the committee to look at the proposals again. Having now completed that process, the committee recommends—unanimously—less far-reaching changes to the oath and creed that the committee believes adequately accomplish the original objectives. The proposed changes to the oath are here and proposed changes to the creed are here.

The one minor substantive change to the oath harmonizes it with the Arizona loyalty oath of office and Rule 32(c)(3), Ariz. R. Sup. Ct. The changes to the creed reflect additional areas of emphasis coming about as the result of practical experience since the creed was originally adopted.

If you wish to comment on these proposed changes, please do so by close of business Nov. 21. You can email your comment to


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