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Volume 3, No. 4 | Winter 2013

eLegal Tech News is a member-only newsletter that offers a grouping of insightful articles related to technology and its advancements. Articles in the eLegal Tech News newsletter are intended to help lawyers understand technical issues that might affect their clients or their law practice.

In the News

Holiday Travel Link Roundup
Ah, 'tis the season of holiday travels. Whether you are looking to detach or stay connected, these blog posts have some great tips for being on the road, covering everything from security to efficiency.    Read more >>


Sarah Jones case - Ex-cheerleader's Defamation Suit Puts Internet Giants on Edge
From Twitter and Facebook to Amazon and Google, the biggest names of the Internet are blasting a federal judge's decision in a defamation lawsuit by a former Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader convicted of having sex with her former high school student. The Internet giants recently filed briefs in the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati.    Read more >>

Security News

Judge's Decision That NSA Program Is Unconstitutional Won't Be The Last Word
A federal judge made headlines Monday by declaring that the National Security Agency's bulk collection of millions of Americans' telephone records is likely unconstitutional. But even he realized his won't be the last word on the issue.    Read more >>


PA Couple Face Three-Year Smartphone Ban In Hacking Case
A Pittsburgh woman named Alyson Cunningham was fired from her job at a law firm, and did not take the news too well. She and her husband, with the help of a computer-literate friend (West), hacked into the law firm's computer systems, stole everyone's passwords, and then tried to threaten the firm, claiming to be part of Anonymous.    Read more >>

Solo Practice Technology News

Small Business 101 - Law Firm Tax-Preparation Tips
Work tends to slow down this time of year, with everyone celebrating Festivus and all, so it's a good time to get ready for the inevitable--tax season. If your tax year coincides with the calendar year, this is an especially important time because the clock is ticking. On December 31, 2013, at 11:59 p.m., you won't turn into a pumpkin, but your financial books will be officially closed.    Read more >>


Practical Ways to Use Voice Productivity Technology for a Better Law Practice
VPT can help attorneys be more productive and efficient in their daily practice of law--even when they're on the go. Attorneys can do more than dictate documents to be transcribed later. They can better manage their workload, cut costs, boost billable time, improve client service, and focus on what matters most: an attorney's intellectual capital and time.    Read more >>


Courts Can't Make Lawyers Remove Pages From Their Websites Just So Jurors Don't Find Them
The Internet has created a lot of pitfalls for lawyers, such as defamation fears and ethical violations. But it has also created many problems in the traditional jury trials as jurors spend more time on the Internet and occasionally tweet about active cases. A California appeals court recently had the opportunity to look at both of these issues when the trial court ordered a lawyer to remove portions of her website during trial out of fear that the jury could find them.    Read more >>

Mobile Technology News

Tech Trends - How Attorneys Use Mobile Technology
Today's attorneys are more connected than ever, according to the 2013 ILTA Technology Survey that represents over 88,000 attorneys. Top law firms are using technology across all aspects of their firm to maximize efficiency and revenue.    Read more >>


iPhone Litigation: A Siri-ous Affair?
Apple's intelligent personal assistant Siri is creating quite a frenzy lately, but perhaps not in the way Apple envisioned when unleashing it on the smartphone market last October. Siri has incited the passions of a few hard-to-please iPhone customers, one of whom took his case to a California federal court in March.    Read more >>

Social Media News

Top 5 Social Media Mishaps by Lawyers and Law Students of 2013
Think before you tweet. Don't be a boob on YouTube (especially now that it is tied to your Google+ identity). Facebook can get you fired. Social media is here to stay, but as everyone and their mother joins Facebook, it becomes more and more important to protect your neck. These five lawyers lost their cool, and gained Internet infamy, and thanks to the eternal nature of Internet scandals, absent a name change, they'll likely never outlive their mistakes.    Read more >>


How to Make the Most of Your Brand's Social Media Content
On your social media pages, there are at least 1,000 ways to get people to engage, such as asking questions, offering daily tips, or posting quotes and fun facts. You should definitely post video and photos: Pictures and videos are shared 40 percent more than text.    Read more >>

Software News

Self-Collection - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
When data needs to be collected, many struggle as to whether they should hire an outside forensic consultant or whether their IT staff or outside counsel can handle the collection themselves. The courts have provided limited guidance on this issue, so below is a combination of case law and an expert's opinion on the topic.    Read more >>


The Top-Five Questions to Ask when Evaluating Cloud-Based Technology for your Practice
With so much talk these days, cloud computing seems ubiquitous in the legal world. Not only are attorneys talking about it, but they're also using it consistently enough in different services that it merits a real examination of its potential benefits to your practice. You're probably already using it and may not even realize it. Have you ever accessed a file from Dropbox? Or backed up your mobile documents or pictures to iCloud?    Read more >>


Lawyers, Don't be an April Fool for Windows XP
Here's an item for your 2014 calendar. April 1-Confirm we have no computers using Windows XP in operation at home or work. Now April Fool's Day may seem like a long time off as you read this, but running Windows XP after Microsoft ceases Windows XP support means that you are behaving like a fool. Be aware that Windows XP's "end of life" is coming in April.    Read more >>

Tech Tips

If You Accept Credit Cards, Can You Pass the Fees On to Your Clients?
This is a common question among attorneys. Click here for the answer and more about the rules and regulations of accepting credit card payments, provided by State Bar Member Discount Provider LawPay.    Read more >>

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