Annual Membership Fees & Deadlines

Annual Fees Payments

An annual fee is assessed to all Active, Inactive, Retired, and Judicial members of the State Bar of Arizona and must be paid by February 1 of each year.  Click here for the Hardship Waiver Policy and Application.

Annual fees are paid online through the annual fees application.  Click here to login to your State Bar account and access the annual fees application. A copy of your statement, payment receipt, and temporary bar card may be printed from your annual fees dashboard.

Click here to see The Arizona Supreme Court order deferring the increase of State Bar of Arizona annual membership fees.  The 2020 rates are listed below:

Membership Category

Fee through
 Feb. 1

Fee, plus late charge if paid
Feb. 2 - Mar. 1

Fee, plus late charge if paid after
March 2

  Active; Admitted 3 or more years*




  Active; Admitted fewer than 3 years*
















  Attained age 70 before Jan 1, 2009
  Admitted in Arizona before
Jan 1, 2009




  In - House Counsel Registrants;
  Admitted 3 or more years*




  In - House Counsel Registrants;
  Admitted fewer than 3 years*




*Based on year of admission in ANY Jurisdiction




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