Admission Pro Hac Vice in Arizona

Arizona Supreme Court Rule 39, Pro Hac Vice, became effective January 1, 2016. The State Bar is the record repository for all who apply for pro hac vice admission. Arizona attorneys associating with out-of-state counsel appearing pro hac vice and out-of-state lawyers seeking pro hac vice admission in Arizona should be aware of the changes in Arizona Supreme Court Rule 39.

Summary of Pro Hac Vice Instructions and Information

What does an applicant need?

  • Original verified application.  (Download the form)
  • An original certificate of good standing from each jurisdiction where applicant has been admitted.
  • A motion to associate local counsel.  (Download Sample Motion)
  • A proposed order.  (Download Sample Order)
  • An Arizona sponsoring attorney.
  • A check in the amount of $505.00.

What Gets Filed Where and When

In order to process the application and issue a Notice of Receipt of Complete Application, the Bar requires: (1) the original signed and notarized application; (2) the original certificate(s) of good standing; and (3) a check made payable to the State Bar of Arizona.

Please send to:

State Bar of Arizona
Pro Hac Vice
PO Box 53099
Phoenix, AZ 85072-3099

Overnight or Hand Delivery address:

4201 N. 24th Street, Suite 100
Phoenix, AZ 85016-6266

The rule does not contemplate pro hac vice appearances by attorneys licensed elsewhere, but who reside in the State of Arizona. The U. S. District Court in Arizona and the U.S. Bankruptcy Court have their own requirements and forms governing pro hac vice appearances which can be accessed at or

For more information, please contact the State Bar at, 602.340.7239 or toll-free at 866.482.9227.

To see a list of pro hac vice applications for last year, click here.




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