Featured Speakers

The State Bar of Arizona gives you access to two of its senior managers through its Speakers Bureau. John Phelps, Chief Executive Officer/Executive Director and Rick DeBruhl, Chief Communications Officer, are available to speak on a variety of law-related topics at your next meeting, forum, or special event.

Using their extensive knowledge of the State Bar of Arizona, both John and Rick demystify the often misinterpreted role it plays in the legal profession and the value it holds for communities across the state, in the popular State Bar of Arizona presentation.

In addition, their contrasting personalities and unique life experiences are revealed in a variety of speaking topics, listed below.  

Both John and Rick are praised as dynamic speakers who engage audiences across the spectrum. We anticipate your satisfaction with their stories, commentary, wit, humor, and knowledge conveyed in their presentations.

Contact Jillian Kinsala at jillian.kinsala@staff.azbar.org or 602.340.7257 to book John Phelps or Rick DeBruhl for your next event.



John F. Phelps
Retired Army Colonel, Emergency Responder, Government Executive

His appeal as being a "regular guy" has won over many whom he's encountered. Offering a friendly hello and a firm handshake, John F. Phelps, Chief Executive Officer/Executive Director of the State Bar of Arizona gives no indication that he is one of Arizona's most accomplished legal professionals. 

Using the knowledge and experiences he has garnered in over 33 years of public service in a broad range of legal and executive positions, Phelps delivers engaging presentations to audiences across the country.

John Phelps shares personal stories, life lessons, and career accomplishments that illustrate how a highly regarded legal professional manages his role as a community leader while maintaining his humble roots.

Speaking Topics
- State Bar of Arizona
- Our system of justice
- Ethics: Maintaining character with professionalism in adverse environments
- Stemming the Tide: Leading during and through disasters
- The military lawyer experience


Rick DeBruhl
Veteran Journalist, Expert Communicator, Consumer Protector

Few can stake claim to achieving absolute gratification when fusing personal passion with career. Rick DeBruhl, Chief Communications Officer at the State Bar of Arizona has accomplished this and continues to add to his list of colorful experiences as a career communicator.

Rick DeBruhl is a natural communicator that uses his vast experience as a veteran journalist and consumer advocate to deliver appealing speaking engagements to a wide variety of audiences. Tying his role as the Bar's chief communicator with the 31 years of news reporting and anchoring he garnered at Arizona's NBC affiliate, 12 News, Rick delivers his remarks with flair.

"My Schizoid Life" is Rick's unique narrative of how he has created the perfect formula of balancing his passion for cars, media, and career.

Speaking Topics
- State Bar of Arizona
- Consumer Justice: Serving the underserved through advocacy and protection
- Mixed Media: Fusing traditional and modern media
- Keeping Calm: Responding to and recovering from critical situations
- My Schizoid Life: Combining passion with career to achieve ultimate satisfaction


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