What if Your Client Complains About You?

The State Bar's Lawyer Regulation Department is set up to resolve attorney-client disputes informally and to formally investigate serious allegations of misconduct. Almost all disputes or concerns start with the Bar's Attorney/Consumer Assistance Program.

Attorney/Consumer Assistance Program (A/CAP)

A/CAP serves as the intake and prescreening functions of the State Bar's Lawyer Regulation Department. A/CAP may be able to help if a client is having a dispute with his/her attorney, if an attorney is having a dispute with his/her client, or if an attorney is having a dispute with another attorney.

Explaining More About the Discipline Process

The Bar has a thorough and fair process to investigate allegations of attorney misconduct. It's important that you understand how the process works.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lawyer Regulation

Read the answers to questions received most often from attorneys who contact the Lawyer Regulation Department.

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