Legal Information v. Legal Advice

It's important to know the difference between legal advice and legal information. You might obtain general legal information at a legal clinic or in a pamphlet available through the State Bar or various self-help centers through the state. That information might help you decide the next step you should take to fix your legal problem.

Only lawyers can give you legal advice. When you hire a lawyer, you will receive advice specific to your problem. Confirm someone is a lawyer authorized to practice in Arizona, click here.

Here are tips to help you decide the difference between the two. 

What is legal information?

What is legal advice?

Factual information that is available regarding:
  • The law
  • Court procedures

Information that is generic

  • Applies to all
  • Applies to a class of people in a particular situation

Communicates facts about:

  • Court procedure
  • Resources
  • Court records
  • Forms or pleadings
  • Informational pamphlets
  • Copies of statutes
  • Practices and due dates

TIPS: When the person has already decided what legal action he or she wants to take, providing information helps the individual understand how to do it.

Any written or oral statement that . . .
  • Interprets some aspect of the law, court rules, court procedure, or recommends a specific course of conduct a person should take in an actual or portential legal proceeding;
  • Applies the law to the individual's specific factual circumstances, or
  • Requires the person giving advice to have knowledge of the law and legal principles beyond familiarity with court requirement and procedures.

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