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Publications Released in 2022

Arizona Attorneys' Fees Manual, 7th Ed. 2022

From general advice on recording time, "billing judgment" and "reasonable hours," fee agreements, and apportionment, to responding to an application for fees and evidentiary hearings, ethical rules governing attorneys' fees and technical requirements of entering into fee agreements with clients, this manual provides the nuts and bolts details of what you need to recover fees.

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Arizona Probate Code Practice Manual, 6th Ed. 2022

Extensive revisions throughout the manual incorporate the new restyled Probate Rules that became effective January 1, 2020. Also included is information regarding the use of electronic wills and a new chapter addressing the adoption of the Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act. Forms were extensively revised and annotated. The two-volume manual is accompanied with a Forms CD.

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Publications Released in 2021

Arizona Securities Law: Civil Liability, Defenses, and Remedies, 6th Ed. 2021

The new sixth edition provides a comprehensive analysis of civil liability, defenses, and remedies under Arizona’s securities laws. Coverage extends not only to the Arizona Securities Act but to securities claims under the Consumer Fraud Act, the Investment Management Act, and common-law theories of intentional, negligent, and fiduciary fraud. The book explains the law in each area, as well as parallel developments under the federal securities laws, which are analyzed with particular attention to differences in Arizona and federal law.

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Arizona Land Use Law, 8th Ed. 2021

Arizona’s body of land use statutes, rules and case law continues to grow. Keeping track of new developments is difficult even for practitioners who focus primarily on land use issues. The land use laws are discussed in a logical outline format. Each point of law is followed by citations from the applicable statutes and cases decided by Arizona’s courts, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court.

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Arizona DUI Trial Notebook, 5th Ed. 2021 with Jury Instructions

This publication assembles all the important DUI court decisions that could affect your client's fate in one important book. Also included are the latest DUI Jury Instructions.

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Publications Released in 2020

Arizona Appellate Handbook 2.0, Volumes One and Two – Print & Digital

Based on a survey of our members conducted two years ago, the new Arizona Appellate Handbook 2.0 has been revised and improved to make it a better resource. Instead of each individual practice area repeating the same information, it now uses a “hub and spoke” approach.

In Volume One, the first 12 chapters address appeals, in general, and issues implicated by appeals of all kinds. These include: preparing for an appeal; filing an appeal as of right with the Arizona Court of Appeals; special actions; critical aspects of appeals including motion practice on appeal, the appellate record, standards of review, appellate briefs, amicus curiae practice and oral argument; and decisions and post-decision proceedings in the Arizona Court of Appeals, and practice before the Arizona Supreme Court. Six additional chapters address special considerations in specific types of appeals: civil, criminal, family, juvenile, workers’ compensation, and election appeals

Volume Two addresses the forms of review that take place outside of the Arizona Supreme Court and Court of Appeals. These include: conducting judicial review under the Administrative Review Act and the Administrative Procedure Act; proceedings before the OAH; special actions filed in superior court; and special considerations associated with appeals from particular agencies

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Publications Released in 2019

Third-Party Interests Handbook: Liens and Subrogation Rights, 2nd Ed. 2019

This new edition covers developments through May 2019. Essential for handling personal injury and wrongful death claims in Arizona, this handbook thoroughly covers legal and ethical issues surrounding third-party claims under both Arizona and federal law. If you order this publication online, you will have immediate access to the linked PDF version.

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Time Limitations Applicable to Civil Actions and Procedures in the Arizona Superior Courts, 2019

This quick reference desk book is a handy compilation of all time limits that apply to civil actions and procedures in Arizona Superior Courts. Now includes: Latest revisions to the Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure and Family Law Procedure; and selected updated case annotations.

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Community Association Law in Arizona, 6th. 2019

The only one-stop resource that brings you everything you need to know about condominiums and planned communities plus the requisite forms to form a community association.

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