Find-a-Lawyer FAQs

What is the difference between the old Find a Lawyer search tool and the new Find-a-Lawyer program?
The old Find-a-Lawyer was a tool on the AZBar.org homepage that worked like a directory. It helped members  and the public find an attorney's contact information. The new Find-a-Lawyer is a next-generation platform that helps consumers who need legal help connect with lawyers in three easy steps. However, you can still search a lawyer’s contact information in the directory.

How does Find-a-Lawyer work?
Find-a-Lawyer takes the guess work out of hiring a lawyer for consumers who need help with their legal issues. They post a summary of the legal issue and lawyers received a notification if it matches up with their areas of practice. If both the potential client and lawyer are interested in working together, the hiring process is taken offline and you get to work on your new legal project.

How do I get started?
The Bar has made it easy for you. The Find-a-Lawyer platform and preferences are located on your member dashboard. You simply need to make sure you’ve updated your FREE extended profile, select your areas of practice, and customize the notifications that will alert you when legal projects match your practice. You do NOT have to create a separate account.

What is a legal project?
A legal project, in its simplest terms, is a legal case.

How do I know which legal projects are available?
Based on your notification preferences, you will receive legal project notifications that match your areas of practice. You decide if you want to receive notifications in real-time (as soon as someone posts a legal project) or in a daily summary. You can make changes in your Find-a-Lawyer preferences on your member dashboard.

What does "apply for" a legal project mean?
The term "apply for" a legal project simply means you’re expressing your interest in working with a potential client after having read a summary of their legal issue.

How do I apply for a legal project?
After viewing the legal projects that have been posted, you express your interest in working on it by sending the potential client an email through the Find-a-Lawyer system. Once you submit it, the potential client will review it and determine whether or not they want to hire you. If the potential client decides to hire you, the hiring process is done completely offline between both parties.

What happens once I apply for a legal project?
Once you let the potential client know you’re interested in working with them, they determine if you’re a good fit for their legal needs. If they decide to hire you, that process is handled offline and you work with the client as if they walked into your law firm.

Do I have to pay to participate?
Yes and no. You can review all legal projects that have been posted at no cost! However, if you decide you want to work with paying clients, you’ll pay a $300 yearly fee for unlimited access—no charge per legal project and no fee splitting. You can participate in volunteer projects or pro bono legal projects at any time for FREE.

Can I opt out of Find-a-Lawyer and its notifications?
Yes. All you need to do is login to your member dashboard and select your Find-a-Lawyer preferences. You can select your legal project notification preferences to immediate, daily summary, or you can opt out altogether.

Click here to watch an animated clip on how Find-a-Lawyer works.

If you have additional questions about Find-a-Lawyer, please contact the State Bar's Public Service Center at 602.340.7293 or via email findalawyer@staff.azbar.org.