Ethics Opinions Search Tips

The State Bar of Arizona's Ethics Opinions collection can be searched in one of the following ways:

  1. By opinion number using the (yy-00) format
  2. By date using the (mm/yyyy) format
  3. Using a keyword or group of words (phrase)
  4. Using an advanced search string using search operators


Example of a search by opinion number:

  • 12-01 (will find the first opinion for the year 2012)

Example of a search by opinion date:

  • 1/2012 (will find all opinions from January 2012)

Examples of simple keyword searches include:

  • indigent
  • settlement funds
  • ER 7.1

Examples of more advanced searches using search operators include:

  • disc*
    The wildcard operator (*); will return any word that begins with "disc", such as discipline, disciplinary, etc.
  • Navajo, Hopi, Yavapai
    The comma (,) is equivalent to the logical "OR", so this search string would result in any document that contains the words "Navajo" or "Hopi" or "Yavapai."

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