Professionalism Course

All new admittees are required to attend the State Bar Course on Professionalism within their first year of admission. Rule 34(n), Ariz. R. S. Ct. states as follows:

34(n) Completion of Professionalism Course

  1. New Admittee Professionalism Course. Except as otherwise provided in this rule, within one year after being admitted to the State Bar, the applicant shall complete the State Bar Course on Professionalism.
    1. A new admittee taking inactive status immediately upon admission is exempt from completing the course, but shall complete it within 12 months of becoming an active member of the State Bar.
    2. A new admittee who is an active member but neither resides nor practices law in Arizona is exempt from completing the course, but shall complete it within 12 months of becoming a resident of or practicing law in Arizona.

While the rule allows you an entire year to fulfill this requirement, it is strongly recommended that you register for the earliest course available. You'll have the opportunity to meet some of Arizona's top lawyers and learn from their cumulative wisdom and experience.

This course, which is a one-time only requirement, is a live event, 4.25 hours duration.  The course is offered only in Arizona (Phoenix and Tucson).  It is not available online, and no other course substitutes for the program.  The CLE credits earned (4.25 total hours, all of which are professional responsibility) may be claimed on the MCLE affidavit in the applicable educational year.  The Bar maintains the compliance records regarding this program, and is required to report non-compliant members to the Court, which may result in summary suspension.

The State Bar Course on Professionalism will be offered six times each year. It qualifies for approximately 4.25 MCLE hours, all of which is ethics credit. Further details will be mailed approximately one month prior to the program.

Call the Continuing Legal Education Department at 602.340.7323, Phoenix or 520.623.9944, Tucson.

To register online, click here

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