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AZCLE® General Information

AZCLE® from the State Bar of Arizona delivers a wide variety of classes, lectures, workshops and seminars covering many areas of law to help satisfy the annual 15 hours of CLE in each compliance year (July 1 - June 30).

Our high-quality CLE seminars cover a wide range of legal updates, skills-based workshops, and substantive legal topics. Programs feature local and national speakers including lawyers, judges, physicians, professors and other subject matter experts.

In addition to live seminars, attendees can earn live and interactive credit through simulcasts, live webcasts, as well as OnDemand and CLE2Go audio downloadable seminars. Also, up to 5 credit hours per year can be earned through self-study as defined in MCLE Regulation 104(B)(5).

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MCLE Rules

In 1989, the Supreme Court of Arizona mandated that every active member of the State Bar must participate in no less than 15 hours of continuing legal education annually, including three hours of professional responsibility.

While the Court requires MCLE, the State Bar of Arizona is responsible for ensuring compliance. For each educational year (July 1 to June 30), members must submit a signed MCLE affidavit to the State Bar no later than September 15. In addition to recording the affidavits, the State Bar also carries out random MCLE audits.

For more information on Arizona's MCLE requirements and RULE 45. Mandatory Continuing Legal Education, of the Rules of the Supreme Court Of Arizona, CLICK HERE.

The CLE Department is not the same as the MCLE department. The CLE department is the largest provider of continuing legal education programs in Arizona, while the MCLE department is the office to which you must report your credits earned each year. The CLE department does not approve courses for credit, nor does it report credits to the MCLE division.

Specialization Credits

Specialists are required to complete 15 or more hours per year at one or more CLE activities that meet the standards stated in the Rules and Regulations of the Arizona Board of Legal Specialization, Section VIII B.2.

Information on State Bar Certified Specialists at Legal Specialization.

Within the overall 15 hour CLE requirement, 12 of which must be substantive and three of which must be professional responsibility at least five hours must be earned by attendance at Interactive CLE and credit, at a maximum of five (5) hours, may be earned through Self-study.

For more information on CLE requirements for State Bar Certified Specialists, please visit MCLE Regulations.

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CLE Program Policies

For our program and web policies, please visit our CLE Program Policies page.

CLE Electronic Materials

Growing demand from members to receive and store information in electronic libraries and recognition of the State Bar's social obligation to reduce our carbon footprint helped prompt the move to electronic course materials, allowing AZCLE® to continue providing relevant and compelling CLE programming at reduced rates, despite rising production costs.

Distributing the materials electronically prior to a seminar allows participants to review them, enhancing the learning experience. Access to electronic materials can be accomplished nearly anywhere and the content is easy to search and annotate. While materials are now available electronically, we continue to offer hard copy materials at an additional cost upon request.

Click here to learn more about the move to electronic materials.

Publication general Information

AZCLE® from the State Bar of Arizona publishes comprehensive substantive law books. AZCLE® Books are professionally produced legal publications, written by highly respected Arizona lawyers and judges. The books, ranging in length from 130 to more than 1,200 pages, are reviewed for organization and substance by our staff and editorial review committee. Most major publications are professionally edited and indexed. Books are supplemented regularly.

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The AZCLE® publishes books on Arizona law as a State Bar of Arizona member service. Unlike for-profit operations, the State Bar spends only a modest amount on packaging, marketing and "window dressing." Our emphasis is on substance, so we invest our resources in editing, cite checking and professionally indexing our books. The prices for AZCLE® books reflect our nonprofit philosophy. Although we do not share the cost advantages of national publishers who print and sell thousands of copies of a book, we try to keep our prices at a reasonable level through careful cost control procedures. We also rely in large part on volunteer authors and reviewers to donate their valuable time and expertise to help us serve you.

  • Delivery and Rush Service

    Although you should allow two weeks for delivery, most books and products are in stock and are sent out within two working days. Orders are sent via FedEx for an additional charge. Simply request "Rush Service."

  • Return Privileges

    Return privileges apply on all books and products. If for any reason you are not satisfied with a book or product, simply return it in undamaged, unmarked condition within 30 days. Your money, less shipping and handling, will be refunded promptly. Note: We strongly recommend that you use UPS to ensure that we receive your package undamaged and to verify delivery.

  • Feedback and Suggestions

    Do you have an idea for a new CLE Book or a suggestion for improving an existing one? Have you found an error in one of our books? Would you like information on becoming an author or reviewer of an AZCLE® book? Email your comments or requests to

Publication Supplements

The State Bar supplements its books on an as-needed basis. If you own an AZCLE® book, you will be notified when a supplement has been published. When you order a publication from the State Bar, your purchase includes the past supplements.


Many of AZCLE® Publications are also available on Loislaw and Fastcase. Search multiple books at once, click on pop-up footnotes and supplements, and if you subscribe to the Loislaw Professional Library, move instantly from a citation in a book to the full text of the cited Arizona statute. For more information, go to or

The Loislaw and Fastcase Arizona law libraries contain Arizona primary law in the following databases. The databases are duplications of the law received from the Arizona Courts, Legislature, Office of Administrative Law or other sources.

  • Supreme Court case law from 1925 to present (from January 1998 the new official paragraph numbering is also included)
  • Court of Appeals case law from 1965 to present (from January 1998 the new official paragraph numbering is also included)
  • Court Rules (State and Federal)
  • Arizona Statutes
  • Current Acts
  • Administrative Rules
  • Arizona Bar CLE Publications
  • Hyperlinks to all cited state and Federal case law, statutes and administrative rules
  • Cite checking for cases and statutes

CLE Seminar Sponsorship and Marketing Opportunities

CLE programs include multi-day conferences and all-day workshops and programs. Many of our programs include marketing opportunities such as vendor booths, meal sponsorships, and sponsored breakouts.
To learn more about sponsoring our CLE programming and for more specific information, contact:
Lisa Bormaster Fontes, Advertising Sales Manager or 602.340.7230




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