Criminal Law 2019

This program track may qualify for up to 12.0 hours MCLE, all of which may be Criminal Law Specialization (up to 4.0 hours MCLE including 4.0 Specialization Credits daily) and 1.0 hour of Ethics credit on Tuesday. Attendees are invited to enjoy a complimentary hot breakfast buffet Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, from 7:30 am to 8:15 am.

The practice of Criminal Law is captivating as technology, forensics, and trial practice continuously evolve. This year’s program will take you to the edge of the latest developments in critical areas of criminal practice. The courses presented will include the journey of a faculty member who experienced first-hand a wrongful conviction and the long road to transitioning back into society. Other courses will focus on collateral immigration and MVD consequences on cases throughout the justice system. The faculty will include experts, experienced criminal law practitioners, and individuals inextricably connected to the inner workings of the justice system. Join us at the beautiful Hotel del Coronado as this year’s Criminal Law Track addresses these topics with unique perspectives presented by an outstanding faculty.

TRACK CHAIR: Gary Kula, Executive Director, City of Phoenix Public Defender’s Office

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8:15 am -
12:30 pm

2019 Criminal Jeopardy Game

What better way to start the day than matching your wits and knowledge against your colleagues in a game of Jeopardy that will test you on everything from movie courtroom scenes to Latin legal lingo to your hornbook days of law school.

Immigration Consequences of Criminal Convictions

The collateral consequences following a conviction can be worse than the sentencing component as individuals are separated from their families, cycled through detention centers, and sent back to a country they’ve never known. The presentation will also examine legal status and documentation and its effect on everyday life from employment to applications for driving privileges.

Exoneration and Transitions

Khalil Rushdan will share his story on being exonerated after serving 15 years in prison for a murder he did not commit. His imprisonment turned out to be just the beginning of his journey as he worked to make the successful transition back into society.

FACULTY: Gary Kula, Executive Director, City of Phoenix Public Defender; Stephanie Conlon, Training Director, Maricopa County Public Defender Office; Khalil Rushdan, Community Partnership Coordinator for ACLU of AZ; Dan Ballecer, Ballecer & Segal, LLP


8:15 am -
12:30 pm

The “Know Your Grounds” Challenge 

An objection is only as good as the grounds behind it. This interactive challenge will use fact patterns to test and share your knowledge and about objections during jury selection and trial.

The Betterment of Society and Individuals Through Homeless Courts

Homeless Courts are in place at homeless service agencies across the country. These courts are changing lives and improving communities through a focus on the individual and the critical role that society plays in caring for others. The emergence of these courts can be traced back to Attorney Steve Binder who developed a model in San Diego that spread across the land.

Conflicts and Candor in Criminal Practice

In criminal practice, lawyers often encounter ethical dilemmas involving conflicts of interest and candor to the tribunal. This 90 minute program will cover topics such as:

  • Addressing conflicts when a former client resurfaces as a victim, witness or co-defendant; 
  • Dealing with imputed conflicts when lawyers transfer to or from your office;
  • Taking remedial measures when you discover a material falsehood;
  • Handling a defendant whom you know or suspect will testify falsely.

FACULTY: Stephanie Conlon, Training Director, Maricopa County Public Defender Office; Gary Kula, Executive Director, City of Phoenix Public Defender; Steve Binder, Founder of the Homeless Court Program; Ann Ching, Associate Clinical Professor of Law, Arizona State University Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law


8:15 am -
12:30 pm

An Inside Perspective on Justice: Prison Prose and Poetry

The clang of the prison cell door is the beginning of a client’s journey into a world unknown to lawyers and judges. This course will give a voice to those looking at four walls as they describe through their writings their days, their perspectives, and their futures.

MVD Issues and Consequences in Criminal Cases

The impact of MVD policies, practices, and legislation on individuals within the criminal justice system has evolved and expanded over the last decade. This session will include an overview of collateral driving consequences every practitioner needs to be aware of in handling cases ranging from traffic offenses to felony matters.

Memory in the Courtroom

Eyewitness testimony is central to many aspects of criminal proceedings. Dr. Paul Simpson, a Criminal Forensic Psychologist, will examine the dynamic of memory to help attorneys better understand the scientific and legal aspects of memory evidence presented in the courtroom.

FACULTY: FACULTY: Stephanie Conlon, Training Director, Maricopa County Public Defender Office; Khalil Rushdan, Community Partnership Coordinator for ACLU of AZ; Gary Kula, Executive Director, City of Phoenix Public Defender; Dan Ballecer, Ballecer & Segal, LLP; Dr. Paul Simpson, Criminal Forensic Psychologist


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