Task Force Reports

The State Bar Board of Governors periodically creates task forces and committees that work on issues of significance to the legal profession and issue reports based on their findings. Task force reports are historical records. There may have been changes to the programs or issues they were discussing since that time.

For additional information about the reports, please contact:

Carrie Sherman
Director of Board Operations

CLE (2013-2015)

In May of 2013, the State Bar of Arizona Board of Governors approved the creation of the CLE Task Force to consider issues regarding the administration of continuing legal education for the bar. The Task Force has completed its preliminary work and made recommendations. The Board of Governors voted to sunset the task force at its meeting of July 23, 2015.

Learn more about the Task Force's charter and recommendations here

Succession Planning (2013-2015)

The State Bar launched a task force in the  fall of 2013 to look at succession planning by lawyers. The Succession Planning Task Force presented its final report and recommendations to the State Bar Board of Governors on April 25, 2014. The Board of Governors voted to sunset the task force at its meeting of July 23, 2015.

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MCLE Task Force (2010-2011)

SBA President Alan Bayham established the Task Force in September 2010, and it presented its final report at the Board of Governors meeting on November 18, 2011. The MCLE Task Force recommended the following: 1) regulations for certified legal specialists be changed to allow specialists to carry-forward CLE hours. Further, the task force recommends that specialists be permitted to carry forward five hours of CLE in the member’s area of specialty. Of those five hours, a maximum of three hours may be in the area of professional responsibility; 2) The State Bar Board of Governors considers the administrative implications of changing the annual membership fee deadline and the MCLE affidavit of Compliance deadline to coincide. Once this information is compiled the Board of Governors may wish to entertain the option of petitioning the Supreme Court for the appropriate rule change.

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Access to Justice Task Force Report (2011)

The Task Force adopted this report at its November 7, 2011 meeting.

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Task Force Mission Statement

List of Task Force Members

Diversity in the Legal Profession Report (2006)

The State Bar's Diversity Task Force presented its report to the Board of Governors in December 2006.

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Courthouse Accessibility Report (2005)

The State Bar's Committee on Persons with Disabilities in the Legal Profession surveyed courthouses throughout the state to assess the level of accessibility for persons with disabilities.

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