The State Bar of Arizona has committees to advise and serve the State Bar by addressing constitutional, statutory or regulatory issues and make recommendations about legal services and the administration of justice.

Appointment Process: Applications received on or before April 21 will be considered for available positions. Appointments will be made by the incoming president commencing on June 30, 2019.

Term of Appointment: Member will serve a 3-year term with a 3-term limit. Members will be asked to reapply after each term for a subsequent term. If the Bar President determines that institutional knowledge is critical to the functioning of the committee, up to one-third of the committee would be eligible for reappointment to serve additional time beyond the 3-term limit. The President-Elect will consider such factors as geographical representation, attendance records and the contributions made by members in considering reappointments.

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State Bar Committees include:





Carrie Sherman   

Board of Legal Specialization

Connie Hay  

Civil Practice and Procedure

Patricia Seguin  

Civil Jury Instructions

Ilona Kukan   

Criminal Practice and Procedure (defense and prosecution)

Patricia Seguin  

Criminal Jury Instructions

Ilona Kukan  

Family Practice and Procedure

Patricia Seguin 

For more information please contact:

Christina Desaubin
Member Services Administrator

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