Mentorship Program for Persons With Disabilities

The Council has created a mentor program for law students and new lawyers with disabilities and for attorneys and legal employers who have questions about dealing with issues related to disabilities.

The mentorship program serves:

  • Law students and new lawyers with disabilities
  • Other members of the legal profession

The program offers:

  • Personal mentoring for disabled law students and new lawyers
  • Situational mentors who will answer specific questions and provide advice and solutions about numerous issues such as:
    1. Recruitment, employment and retention of legal professionals with disabilities
    2. Workplace accessibility and accommodations
    3. The American Disabilities Act
    4. Sensitivity and cultural change in the workplace
    5. Disability awareness related to activities associated with the interaction between lawyers with disabilities and clients, and participation in depositions, court appearances, etc.
    6. Identification of written resources and referrals to particular state, federal and/or private providers for various aids, grants, equipment etc. for the law student or lawyer with a disability

How to request a mentor or serve as a mentor:

Send an email message to Indicate if you are seeking a personal mentor or a situational mentor to answer specific questions or if you are volunteering to be a mentor.

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