State Bar Annual Convention CLE Program

Each year, CMWL organizes a CLE program centered on minorities and women in the law at the State Bar's convention in June.

Past seminar topics include:

  • 2017 - Defining and Achieving Your Own Success
  • 2016 - Thinking Like a Lawyer: A Game-Show Approach to Implicit Bias
  • 2015 - If You Build It, They Will Come ... Success through Client Development
  • 2014 - The Reality of the Affordable care Act: A Work in Progress. This seminar was co-sponsored with the Committee on Persons with Disabilities in the Legal Profession.
  • 2013- Legal Zombies:  How are those who were granted Deferred Action under the recent Executive Order treated in other areas of the law, since they are neither undocumented nor documented?



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