Council on Minorities and Women in the Law

Mission Statement

The Council on Minorities and Women in the Law encourages and facilitates the active and effective participation of women and minorities in the legal profession and promotes the professional development of minority and women attorneys. 

Commitment to Inclusion Goals

In 1992, CMWL surveyed legal employers within Arizona to determine minority and women participation, and the State Bar Board of Governors adopted CMWL's "Statement of Goals for Increasing Minority and Women Representation and Retention." Various legal employers became signatories to the Statement of Goals, and data was collected and studied from 1993 to 2003.  CMWL submitted its report on the Statement of Goals to the Board of Governors in April 2006.  From that report came many recommendations, including the hiring of a full-time Diversity Director for the State Bar and formation of a Bar Leadership Institute, which have since been adopted. Click here to view the April 2006 report.

In January 2009, the State Bar's Diversity Department sent letters to private and public law offices encouraging them to become Signatories to the Bar's Commitment to Inclusion Program.  The Program seeks to provide for full participation of all groups of people in the legal program and encourages law offices to follow guidelines describing best practices in hiring; retention; and promotion of minority, women and underrepresented groups of lawyers.  It was a project of the CMWL and endorsed by the Arizona Women Lawyers Associations, Arizona Black Bar Association, Los Abogados Hispanic Bar Association and Native American Bar Association. Time Commitment: The Council meets 4-6 times each year for 1-hour.

To view the original Statement of Goals, please click here. 

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