Our Value Statement on Diversity

The State Bar of Arizona is committed to sharing values of diversity and
inclusion.  The Bar's core value for diversity states: This value represents our commitment to ensuring that the legal profession and the justice system reflect the community it serves in all of its social, economic, and geographical diversity. It is seeking out representatives of underrepresented groups to add their strength to the legal profession and to the advancement of justice in all areas of society.

The State Bar collaborates with specialty and partner legal organizations
to enhance diversity within, and improvement of, the legal profession and the
provision of legal services. The State Bar's diversity efforts include the administration
of the Bar Leadership Institute  and supporting the important work of these Bar committees: 

Congratulations to the Arizona Collaborative Bar, recipients of the State Bar of Arizona's Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Award. 

Read more about the Collaborative Bar here.



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Implicit Bias Association Test (IAT)  from Harvard 

Here is a tool that allows each of us to discover hidden cognitive biases.  Most people are aware of their own overt biases, but it is very difficult for us to become aware of our covert biases.  This test takes about 10 minutes to complete and is excellent for showing your unconscious preferences.  Click here to take the test.

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