President's Award

This award, selected at the discretion of the State Bar President, is given to an individual who has contributed enormous effort toward the furtherance of the president's goals and priorities during the president's term in office.

2018 Recipient

Larry W. Suciu

Larry W. Suciu has been licensed to practice law in Arizona for over 46 years. After a three year stint as a Marine JAG Officer, Larry has practiced law in Yuma, Arizona for several decades, but that has not kept him from providing a variety of volunteer services for our profession throughout the state. In addition to serving as President of the State Bar of Arizona from 84-85, he also served as President of the Yuma County Bar Association, Chairman of the Disciplinary Commission of the Supreme Court, Co-Chairman of the State Bar of Arizona Committee on Professionalism, Chairman of the State Bar of Arizona Client Protection Fund, Member of the Arizona Commission on Appellate Court Appointments, Member of the State Bar of Arizona Peer Review Committee, Director of the Arizona Bar Foundation, Member of the Arizona Probation Pilot Program Task Force, and a Founding Fellow of the Arizona Bar Foundation. Larry has also served as a judge pro tempore of the Arizona Court of Appeals, and a Disciplinary Hearing Officer for the Supreme Court of Arizona. He has also served his county as a Board Member and President of the Yuma County Airport Authority. 



Previous Recipients   

The award has been presented to:

2002     Janet Napolitano
Hon. Robert B. Van Wyck
Hon. Barry C. Schneider
2003 Craig Y. Fujii
Danny R. Ortega, Jr.
Neal Kurn
Barry Wong
Michael R. Rooney
Richard H. Whitney
2004 Art Hailton
Kathleen A. Mayer
Thomas M. Thompson
2005 Colleen A. Lomax, Esq.
Hon. Rebecca A. Albrecht
Paul Bennett
Edward F. Novak
2006 Diane L. Drain
Jenae R. Naumann
Michael L. Walker
Rawuel Centeno-Fequiere
David B. Rosenbaum
2007 Michael L. Gallagher
Michael Allen Berch
2008 Herbert I. Zinn
Mari I. Valenzuela
Sal J. Rivera
Larry J. Cohen
John W. Rogers
William G. Klain
2009 Pamela A. Treadwell-Rubin
Patrick J. McGroder III
Jessica Gifford Funkhouser
2010 Saji Vettiyil
Brigadier General Richard Gregg Maxon
2011 Maret Vessella
Amy K. Rehm
2012 Senator Jon Kyl
Alan P. Bayham, Jr
2013 Hon. Janet Napolitano
Lawrence F. Winthrop
2014 Patricia Lee Refo
2015 Robert E. Schmitt
William C. Porter
2016 Thomas M. Ryan
Alex Lane
2017 Thomas L. Hudson
Sheena S. Chiang
2018 Larry W. Suciu

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