James A. Walsh
Outstanding Jurist Award

Established in 1989, the James A. Walsh Outstanding Jurist Award presented by the Board of Governors  to a judge whose career exemplifies the highest standards of judicial conduct for integrity and independence; who is knowledgeable of the law and faithful to it; who is unswayed by partisan interests, public clamor or fear of criticism; who is patient, dignified and courteous to all who appear before that judge; and who endeavors to improve the administration of justice and public understanding of, and respect for, the role of law in our society. 

2018 Recipient

G. Murray SnowHON. G. MURRY SNOW is a former partner with Osborn Maledon, P.A. in Phoenix, Arizona. He has been an Adjunct Professor of Law and Political Science at Arizona State University, a member of the Arizona State Bar Committee on the Rules of Professional Conduct and a member of the working group that revised the Arizona Code of Professional Conduct in 2002.

In 2002, Murray was appointed to Division One of the Arizona Court of Appeals by Governor Jane D. Hull. While a member of the Court of Appeals, Judge Snow was the Dean of the Judicial College of Arizona and the chair of the Arizona Task Force on the Code of Judicial Conduct, which revised the Arizona Canons of Judicial Conduct in 2008.

In July 2008, the United States Senate approved President George W. Bush’s nomination of Murray to serve as a judge of the United States District Court for the District of Arizona. Murray is a member of the Ninth Circuit Education Committee. Murray is married to Cheri. They have four children, two wonderful daughter-in-laws, a talented son-in-law, and nine grandchildren.


Previous Recipients

The award has been presented to:

1989     Hon. James A. Walsh
1990 Hon. William P. Copple
1991 Hon. James Duke Cameron
1992 Hon. Frank X. Gordon, Jr.
1993 Hon. Alice Truman
1994 Hon. Stanley G. Feldman
1995 Hon. Robert B. Buchanan
1996 Hon. James Moeller
1997 Hon. Jack L. Ogg
1998 Hon. Ronald S. Reinstein
1999 Hon. Elizabeth R. Finn
2000 Hon. William C. Canby, Jr.
2001 Hon. Thomas A. Zlaket
2002 Hon. Edward L. Dawson
2003 Hon. Michael Daly Hawkins
2004 Hon. Mary Murphy Schroeder
Hon. George B. Nielsen, Jr.
2005 Hon. Michael D. Ryan
2006 Hon. Stephen M. McNamee
2007 Hon. C. Kimball Rose (posthumously)
2008 Hon. Barry C. Schneider
2009 Chief Justice Ruth V. McGregor
2010 Hon. Barbara Rodriguez Mundell
2011 Hon. John M. Roll (posthumously)
2012 Hon. James M. Marlar
2013 Hon. Robert L. Gottsfield
2014 Chief Justice Rebecca White Berch
2016 Hon. Andrew G. Klein
2017 Hon. Patricia K. Norris
2018 Hon. G. Murray Snow



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