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State Bar Integrated Marketing Program

An integrated marketing program with the State Bar of Arizona reaches every attorney in the state, providing total coverage of the legal community with the frequency and variety needed to effectively communicate your message. These opportunities allow you to build a custom advertising plan to fit your budget and meet your business goals.

Attorneys, by nature and training, tend to be more resistant to persuasion than typical business owners. In fact, one legal marketing expert says an advertiser needs to make nine impressions a year to effectively market products and services to attorneys.* (* From "10 Things to Remember When Selling to Lawyers and Law Firms," by Tracie McFadden Burns.)

Connect to Attorneys: In Print, In Person & Digitally

In Print:

Arizona Attorney Magazine

• Official magazine of the State Bar of Arizona
• Read by 96% of attorneys in Arizona
• 11 monthly issues a year; Monthly circulation 23,500

To learn more about Arizona Attorney and advertising opportunities in the magazine, please call 602.340.7230.

Special Issues:
Arizona Attorney publishes six special guides (advertising sections within the magazine) that will help you market to attorneys.



Published with the March issue of Arizona Attorney magazine.

This guide presents expert witnesses offering expertise in over 80 industry categories. Attorneys use this annual section to find the best expert witnesses to support their cases.



Published in the April issue of Arizona Attorney Magazine.

In this guide, attorneys and law firms announce that they are accepting referrals and advertise their practice areas of focus.

Published in the June issue of Arizona Attorney Magazine.

This guide features financial products and services to support attorneys, including tools for estate planning, probate or trust practice areas; wealth management and retirement planning; and other financial solutions.


LTG 1018

Published in the October issue of Arizona Attorney Magazine.

This guide features a wide range of technology solutions for attorneys, including IT tools and software for specific practice areas; IT consulting; cloud-based solutions; SEO and website services.
Published in the November issue of Arizona Attorney Magazine.

This guide is an invaluable resource. It features mediators, arbitrators, and dispute resolution providers offering experience in a wide range of industries. 
2017 11 3019 56 30 Arizonaattorney December2017 Microsoftedge CERTIFIED LEGAL SPECIALIST GUIDE

Published in the December issue of Arizona Attorney Magazine.

This guide is only for members certified by the State Bar of Arizona Board of Legal Specialization. Space is limited.


Legal Marketplace / Classifieds

The most economical way to market your services to attorneys is in the Legal Marketplace section located inside of Arizona Attorney magazine. The publication is mailed to every lawyer in the state 11 times a year with a total circulation of ≈23,500.

Previously known as a classified, ads in the Legal Marketplace are sold by word and typically the first few words are bolded.

When you purchase an ad in the Legal Marketplace you receive exposure in three places:

- Online
- The Digital edition of Arizona Attorney magazine
- The Print edition of Arizona Attorney magazine

Popular categories include ads for Expert Witnesses, office space for lease, law practices for sale, and a wide range of services and products for the legal community.

Let's get started. Click here and use our online system to place your classified ad. All classified orders must be prepaid.  

In Person

State Bar of Arizona Convention

This annual event (held in June) is the largest legal event in Arizona. The average attendance for this event is 1,200 attorneys. The 2019 Convention will be held at the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass in Chandler.

There are various ways to market your services at this event. These include exhibit booths, event sponsorships and law section sponsorships. For more information please contact Lisa Bormaster at 602.340.7230 or

Diversity & Inclusion
This annual CLE event is held to emphasize diversity and inclusion. Sponsorships begin at $1,000. For more information, call 602.340.7230.

Bar Leadership Institute
Annual program for outstanding diverse attorneys. Sponsorships begin at $1,000. For more information, call 602.340.7230.

Sponsoring various CLE seminars and Law Section events

Target attorneys in specific practice areas including Bankruptcy, Family Law, Labor and Employment, Trial and Litigation, Probate and Trust, Tax and more. Sponsorships begin at $400. For more information, contact Lisa Bormaster at

Online/Digital receives nearly 100,000 monthly visitors. We offer a variety of opportunities to reach this audience. To receive more information about our Digital Marketing, please call 602.340.7230. The State Bar of Arizona currently offers the following types of marketing:

Website Banner Ads: Limited to six ad spots. 40,000 unique visitors monthly.

E-Newsletters: The State Bar produces five e-newsletters that vary in delivery frequency. One exclusive banner ad spot is available in each e-newsletter sent to attorneys.

For more information on these marketing opportunities please contact:

Lisa Bormaster Fontes | Advertising Manager
State Bar of Arizona | 4201 N. 24th Street, Suite 100, Phoenix, AZ 85016-6266


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