Ethics Department

The Ethics Department provides ethics advice to Arizona lawyers and legal paraprofessionals about their own future conduct, creates and presents various CLE seminars, and staffs the Ethics Advisory Group (EAG). The Ethics Department does not handle lawyer discipline. Attorney-client disputes and allegations of misconduct are resolved through the Lawyer Regulation Department.

The Ethics Department is staffed by Ethics Counsel, Legal Services Manager and two Administrative Assistants.

Ethics Resources

Best Practices from the Ethics Advisory Group 
Rules of Professional Conduct
Ethics Hotline
Ethics Opinions
Unauthorized Practice of Law Opinions
FAQs on Legal Paraprofessionals (LP) and Alternative Business Structures (ABS) New!

Arizona Supreme Court's Ethics Advisory Committee

The Arizona Supreme Court's Ethics Advisory Committee (EAC), was created pursuant to Rule 42.1, Ariz. R. Sup. Ct., and Administrative Order No. 2018-110. The EAC may issue opinions on lawyer ethics, professionalism and the unauthorized practice of law. Pursuant to Rule 42.1(h) proposed ethics opinions must be open for 90 days for public comment. After the public comment period ends, EAC will consider all submitted comments.

To submit a comment on a proposed ethics opinion, please email EAC at: aea@courts.az.gov

The following ethics opinion is currently open for public comment:

EO-19-0010 (This proposed opinion concerns a lawyer's response to an online review.) Comments must be submitted on or before June 29, 2022.

Opinions Issued by the Ethics Advisory Committee