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When your client clips and redeems an E-mail coupon, he lets the world know all his personal info: Read More

A recent appellate decision issued clearly establishes a precedent (and what I consider a slippery slope) regarding the ability of ISPs to "control" or limit access to certain web apps/websites. Read More - Opinion

New Jersey court holds that major credit card processor isn't liable for a security breach if there is no proof regarding the company's supposed knowledge of inadequate security. Read more

A Missouri court recently held that a website's online terms of service are binding, even if the user didn't read (or notice) them. Read more

Asking (but not necessarily answering) an interesting question - Can You Be Personal and Professional in Social Media? Read more.

"Facebook Follies of 2009" - it is amazing how even today, people still don't get that what you post to Facebook is basically public information, and can (and will) be used against you. Read more