Appellate Practice


The purpose of the section shall be to promote the highest level of appellate advocacy and to foster a fair and efficient appeal process. To these ends, the section will:

  • provide a forum for appellate practitioners and judges to meet and exchange ideas and concerns;
  • recommend and support ways to improve the appellate process;
  • review existing and proposed rules affecting appellate practice;
  • sponsor CLE programs relating to appellate practice and appellate advocacy;
  • conduct discussion groups regarding various aspects of the appeals process;
  • disseminate information to the bar and to the public about the appeals process;
  • cultivate candidates for the appellate bench;
  • work with the Board of Legal Specialization and any Advisory Commission of the State Bar to develop guidelines for specialization as an Appellate Advocate.


Saturday, May 3, 2014

Location: Arizona Summit Law School

Hands-on Interactive with the Best of the Best!

LUNCHEON PROGRAM KEYNOTE SPEAKER"Robert Ellman, Arizona Solicitor General, "Answering the Tough Questions”


The Institute provides an intensive, hands-on learning experience for practicing attorneys desiring oral argument experience. Full program participants will prepare for oral argument before distinguished faculty panels of sitting judges and seasoned appellate practitioners from a closed set of case materials and model briefs. Arguments will follow the same format actually used in Arizona appellate courts, followed by faculty critiques. Participants will argue both sides of the case and be teamed with opponents with similar levels of experience. The day will conclude with a model argument presentation by two faculty members.

The brief writing component has been eliminated from this year's Institute to allow greater participation of busy attorneys, and in recognition that many younger and public attorneys have substantial brief writing experience but fewer oral argument opportunities. A short program is also offered for participants unable to commit to any advance preparation, including two oral advocacy seminars – "Effective Oral Argument Preparation" and "Tips from the Trenches" – as well as the luncheon program.

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