Mentor Committee


Oversight committee for the Mentor Program. Provides experienced attorneys as mentors to answer substantive and procedural questions and offers management ideas for less-experienced attorneys.

One-to-One Mentor Program

The purpose of the Mentor Program is to foster informal professional relationships between experienced and less-experienced attorneys and also to help third-year law students gain insight about the legal profession and better prepare them for the practice of law.

Participation as a mentor through the Mentor Program qualifies as voluntary pro bono publico service under Ethical Rule 6.1.  Mentors in the Mentor Program may also receive up to 2.0 hours of ethics CLE credit.  To report mentoring time for CLE credit, on the MCLE tracking online form select "Other" and enter "Mentoring Activities; SBA Mentor Program" with the inclusive dates of mentor meetings.  Records should be kept for audit purposes.

If you're ready to give back to your profession or are needing some guidance to build your practice, simply complete our application form and we'll get you started!

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