Pinal County Commission on Trial Court Appointments

Application Deadline - Friday, February 6, 2015

Purpose: This non-partisan commission is chaired by the Chief Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court (or his designee). Primary responsibility is to screen, interview and select judicial nominees for submission to the Governor of Arizona for the Governor's final selection to fill judicial vacancies.

Openings: Two. Applicants must reside in Supervisorial District 1 or SD 2. There are no applicant restrictions with regard to one’s political party affiliation.  The SD 1 seat is currently vacant. SD 2 Commissioner Kate E. Milewski (Pinal County Public Defender’s Office, Florence) is completing her first term and is eligible for, and may seek, reappointment to a second term.

Candidate Criteria/Qualifications: Applicants must be active members of, and in good standing with, the State Bar of Arizona. Applicants shall have resided in the state, and shall have been admitted to practice before the Arizona Supreme Court, for not less than five (5) years. Applicants must have resided in Pinal County Supervisorial District 1 or 2 for at least one year and can be members of any political party.

No more than three of the five attorney-commissioners may be from the same political party. None of the attorney or non-attorney members of the Commission shall hold any governmental office, elective or appointive, for profit and no attorney member is eligible for appointment to any judicial office of this state until one year after membership in the Commission terminates. The Commission meets as necessary when judicial openings occur.

Arizona's Constitution (Article 6, Section 36.C. and Section 41.D. provides for ethnic and gender diversity on the commissions. Minorities and women are encouraged to apply for positions on the judicial nominating commissions. 

Term:  Four years.  The Governor’s appointees must be confirmed by the Arizona State Senate.

An application form must be submitted to the State Bar by Friday, February 6, 2015.  For additional information contact Nina Benham at 602.340.7329 or