ABA House of Delegates

Application Deadline - Friday, May 27, 2016

Delegates represent the State Bar at the Annual and Midyear Meetings of the American Bar Association House of Delegates.  The State Bar reimburses only that portion of Delegate expenses relating to that portion of the House's agenda which addresses the regulation of the profession and improving the quality of legal services.

Two appointments will be made by the Board of Governors

Two years commencing September, 2016.

Candidate Criteria/Qualifications
Open to Active Members who are in good standing with the State Bar of Arizona.  The successful candidates must also be members of, and in good standing with, the ABA throughout their tenure as Delegates.  The Delegates regularly appear before the Board of Governors to report on House of Delegates' activities.

Selection Process
Board of Governors appoints.

An application form must be submitted to the State Bar by Friday, May 27, 2016.  For additional information contact Nina Benham at 602.340.7329 or Nina.Benham@staff.azbar.org.

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