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Our new blog, ReadySetPracticeAZ features articles on practice management, wellness and technology. 

Practice Management software comparison chart

Practice 2.0 staff continually researches software and apps that may be helpful to lawyers in managing their practice.  The chart, found here, is a comparison of the features of some of the newer and more popular practice management products.  This chart is not comprehensive - there are hundreds of products on the market - but provides information we hope will be helpful in making selections for your practice.  If the technology in which you are interested is not on this chart, please call our practice management hotline at 602.340.7332 to speak to a practice management advisor.

Financial Wellness (Video Series)

NEW! Tips for Managing Debt - New to the practice of law? Do you have law school debt? For some tips to get (and keep) you on the right track, please check out this video. (It's not CLE, but this information will help you!)

NEW! Bring Balance to Your Budget - Struggling with balancing your day-to-day needs with paying off law school debt? Check out these (non-CLE) videos: Part One & Part Two.


Through Practice 2.0, State Bar of Arizona member attorneys have access to practice management books, seminar materials, magazines, newsletters, many of which can be reviewed at the State Bar office in Phoenix, borrowed (on a limited time basis) from the Practice 2.0 library or purchased often at a discount through our office. We have our books catalogued on LibraryThing which you can view by clicking here or on the books image.

New!! We have some great new books just in:  Building Your Practice with Referrals by Steven Shaer, The Paperless Law Office by Benjamin Yale, The Lawyer's Guide to Professional Coaching by Andrew Elowitt and Electronic Discovery for Small Cases by Bruce Olson and Tom O'Connor. We also have a popular software application called The Lawyer's Guide to Creating a Business Plan by Linda Pinson which gives sttep-by-step instructions for creating a plan to grow your practice.

Check out our selection of great books to help your practice! LibraryThing 


Opening Your Firm or Starting a Practice

Redefine Your Practice, Practice 2.0, May 2016
Being a Solo Doesn't Mean Going it Alone, Practice 2.0, March 2016

Closing Your Firm or Practice

Closing Your Practice checklist

Law Office Management

Law Office Management Overview

Stress Management

Keeping Your Balance


Technology and Puppies, Practice 2.0, April 2016
Essential Backup Practices for Your Paperless Office

Trust Accounting

Guidance for Attorneys - IOLTA (do you need a separate interesting bearing account for your client)
IOLTA Information (Where does the interest on the trust account go and why)
Frequently Asked Questions for the Trust Account

Staffing, Office Sharing

Office Sharing Tips
Staff Management Tips

One Judge’s Ten Tips for Effective Brief Writing, By Douglas E. Abrams


American Bar Association
Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education
State Bar of Arizona Ethics Opinions
State Bar of Arizona Legal Fees Information
State Bar of Arizona Trust Account
Certificates of Good Standing

Practice Management:
ABA Law Practice Division
Association of Legal Administrators, Valley of the Sun Chapter

Legal Careers, Employment:
National Association of Legal Assistants, legal support staff
National Association of Legal Professionals
Arizona Paralegal

Set Up Law Office:
Arizona Corporation Commission
Arizona Department of Commerce
IRS Small Business Resource
Arizona Department of Revenue - Businesses

Research and Court Services:

Superior Court of Arizona, Maricopa County Law Library
e-Filing Training Services for Superior Court of Maricopa County

Lawyers Weekly USA
Arizona Business Gazette
Arizona Business Journal
Economics of Law Practice
State Bar of Arizona, Continuing Legal Education (CLE), Law Practice Management

Other Bar Associations with practice management services:
Alabama Bar Association
Colorado Bar Association
State Bar of Florida (Member Services, Law Office Management)
State Bar of Georgia
Maryland State Bar Association
Missouri Bar Association
New York Bar Association
Oklahoma Bar Association
South Carolina Bar
Texas Bar
Washington State Bar Association

Technology - Newsletters, Publications, Websites:

ABA, Legal Tech Resource Center
University of Florida Legal Technology Institute
Technolawyer e-newsletter
Law Technology News

Disclaimer: Practiced 2.0, the practice management program of the State Bar of Arizona compiles this list of resources and web page links as a convenience to its members.  This list should not be construed to be "recommended" or "preferred" products or services.  It is highly recommended that you do your own due diligence in selecting the appropriate service or product for you.

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