General Forms

Law Office Setup Checklist
Closing Office Checklist/Timeline 


Client intake form
Active Client List
Active Client List (Excel)
Client Feedback Form
Checklist for closing client files

Conflict Checking

Conflicts Checking System Checklist
Conflict of interest check form

Engagement Letters

Engagement letter Nonengagement letter - After Initial Consult
Nonengagement letter - After Initial Consult, short
Nonengagement letter - After document review
Nonengagement letter - Conflict of Interest
Disengagement letter - Representation Completed
Nonengagement letter checklist
Sample Engagement Letter


Sample Closed Files Index
Sample Letter to Opposing Counsel after Retirement, Relocation, Disbarment, Suspension, etc.
Sample Independent Contractor Agreement
Sample Joint Letter from Firm and Departing Lawyer to Client

Sample Fee Agreements

Sample Fee Agreements (definitions)
Sample Contingent Fee Agreement
Sample Hourly Fee Agreement
Sample Flat-Fee Agreement
Sample Flat and Hourly Fee Agreement
Sample Miscellaneous Fee Agreement Provisions 

Trust Account Management Forms

Trust Account Review
Client Ledger Form
General Ledger Form
Administrative/Bank Charges Ledger Form
3-Way Reconciliation Form
Trust Account Forms (Excel - Sample)
Trust Account Forms (Excel - Blank)

Trust Account Administrative Account Forms

Notification to IOLTA Approved Financial Institution
 Enrollment Form Instructions
 Arizona Attorney IOLTA Enrollment/Change Form
 List of Arizona Banks


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