FAQs About Member Assistance Program

  • Is there a new Member Assistance Program?

A: Yes, the program has been expanded to make pre-paid counseling sessions available to all members of the bar and to their families, to offer monitoring services to members participating in MAP, and to reach members statewide.

  • What does CorpCare have to do with the Member Assistance Program?

A: The State Bar has contracted with CorpCare to provide Member Assistance Program services. Instead of having one counselor within the Bar, the program will now have a network of providers throughout the state. Crisis services will be offered 24 hours per day. CorpCare has been in business for 21 years offering these kinds of services to organizations like ours and the State Bar of Georgia.

  • Does the program have a new name? Is it called CorpCare now?

A: No, the program is still called the Member Assistance Program or MAP.

  • Who is eligible for services from MAP?

A: Members of the Bar and their families, law students, and judges.

  • Will peer support be available?

A: Yes, the members of the Member Assistance Committee continue to offer help. Visit the MAC page to find someone to talk to or let us pair you with someone.

  • Where are services available?

A: Wherever you are located, MAP will provide a counselor within your area. Through MAP's network of providers we are able to reach members statewide.

  • Is MAP only for members participating in the discipline process?

A: Services are available for members in discipline and for members who need help and seek it voluntarily.

  • Will the State Bar find out that I am seeking help voluntarily?

A: No. Services are confidential. The State Bar will not know that you are using the services.

  • What do I do to get help?

A: Call 602.340.7334 or 800.681.3057 any time or email lisa@corpcareeap.com.

  • Where can I get more information?

A: Call 602.340.7334 or 800.681.3057 any time or email lisa@corpcareeap.com or visit CorpCare’s website at http://corpcareeap.com

Crisis line at 602.340.7334 or 800.681.3057