Member Assistance Program

Confidential Help and Support

Contact the Member Assistance Program when you need help.

By phone: 602.340.7334 or 800.681.3057


By email:

Everyone occasionally experiences problems. Locating the right assistance is, at times, as challenging as the problem itself. The Member Assistance Program, also called "MAP", provides counselors who quickly and professionally assist you in handling issues affecting your personal or work life. Why allow things to continue unresolved? Help is just a call away. Our confidential line is 602.340.7334.

The State Bar has expanded its Member Assistance Program statewide to reach lawyers needing help with stress, depression, substance abuse, alcohol, and mental health issues. MAP is offered by the State Bar as a service to members and their families and to law students and judges, on a voluntary, confidential basis.  If a lawyer is required to participate in MAP as a result of a discipline order, diversion or agreement, please call the compliance monitor at 602.340.7258 rather than the CorpCare number.

You are not alone. Statistics show that an estimated 40% of lawyers nationwide suffer from depression and burnout. At least 25% suffer from alcoholism or some form of addiction. Don't wait. Get help for yourself, a colleague or a loved one now. Check our Services page or call us at 602.340.7334 confidentially.