Alternative Careers for Lawyers

A law degree can open doors to a number of career opportunities: public service, in-house counsel, law professor, a sole practitioner, or the track to counsel or partner in a law firm. Unless a family member or a mentor has exposed you to what the day-to-day life of a lawyer may be like, you might find that being a lawyer is not what you'd thought it would be.

Getting a law degree is a substantial financial and personal investment. If you decide that a traditional legal career is not for you, you may find that that your legal education can also prepare you for a non-traditional career. Here are some articles you might find useful in your search.  

Web Resources


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Considering switching from private practice to public service? Check out this resource:

Public Service Job Directory: If you're interested in a career in public service, this national job bank posts job opportunities, including careers in the federal government and a Job 'o the Day.





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