Career and Practice Resource Center

People GroupWelcome to the Career and Practice Resource Center.  A place where members can continue to build a successful practice, find wellness in their lives, and give back to the community. The State Bar will host an  array of tools, products, and services on this page.

The Career and Practice Resource Center will feature best practices, tips on law practice management, quick "how-to" videos, networking events, as well as community volunteer opportunities and wellness tips.

Job Search and Networking

Visit our Career Center to view current job opportunities, or post a job opening!

Whether you're looking for a new job, different job, or just need a change of pace, with our Job Search and Networking page, you'll find several resources to fit your needs.

Developing Your Practice

There is virtually an app for everything and the legal profession is no exception.  But with more than a million apps for tablet and iPad users, who knows where to start.  Here's a good place!  We have come up with the top legal, productivity and travel apps available for both tablet and iPad users. 

Are you new to the practice of law or returning to practice? Are you interested in giving back to your profession? The State Bar of Arizona's Mentor Program may be just what you're looking for. The process is fairly quick and pain free, just complete our short application form and we'll do our best find the perfect match. As for time commitments, although we recommend communication between Mentee and Mentor at least once a month, you and your Mentee/Mentor determine the amount of time each of you can spend to get the most out of your program.

The State Bar's Law Office Management Assistance Program now offers FREE Webinars!

Need help with research but can't afford a full-time staff person? Check out the Law Student Work Programs our three in-state law schools are offering!

Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in giving using your professional skills to give back to the community? You'll find a number of opportunities on our volunteer pages.




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