Law Schools Seek to Allow Third-year Law Students to Take Bar Exam

By Patricia Sallen, Director of Special Services & Ethics/Deputy General Counsel
January 31, 2012

Arizona's three law schools are asking the Arizona Supreme Court to change its admissions rules to allow law students to take the bar exam in February of their third year.

According to their petition, under their proposal, students wishing to take the February bar during their third year would have to obtain a certification from the law school from which they expect to graduate that the student is currently enrolled in a course of study which, if satisfactorily completed, will result in graduation within 120 days following administration of the bar examination, and that the student otherwise satisfies the law school's certification requirements.

The State Bar Board of Governors Rules Committee is seeking input from members on this petition. The Rules Committee will recommend whether the Board of Governors should direct the State Bar to file a comment and, if so, the position that comment would take. The board will make the ultimate decision about the State Bar's position.

If you wish to give input to help the State Bar formulate its position, please send your comments by email to Put "Rule 34" in the subject line. Please provide your input by 5 p.m. Friday, February 10.

You also may choose to submit your own comment to the Supreme Court's website. If so, comments must be filed by May 21.


Downloadable Document: Rule 34 Petition

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