Judicial Ethics Advisory Op. 03-06

November 7, 2011

Q: May I advertise that I am currently a judge pro tem?

A: This is a judicial ethics question. Ariz. Judicial Ethics Advisory Op. 03-06 concluded that under the former Arizona Code of Judicial Conduct it was not appropriate for attorneys who currently served as judges pro tem to include that information on legal stationery and in advertisements soliciting business. Rule 1.3 of the current Arizona Code of Judicial Conduct (effective September 1, 2009) provides that "A judge shall not abuse the prestige of judicial office to advance the personal or economic interests of the judge or others, or allow others to do so." If you no longer serve as a pro tem, however, you may advertise your past experience. If you do, Ariz. Ethics Op. 94-01 indicates that you may need to include more information, such as dates of service, to put that service into context. The opinion provides no bright-line test for when you need to add that clarification. If you are a pro tem and have any questions about the interpretation of the judicial opinion or judicial Rule 1.3, you should direct them to the staff director of the Judicial Ethics Advisory Committee. For questions about Ethics Op. 94-01, call the Ethics Hotline.

View: Judicial Ethics Opinion 03-06

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