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Phoenix Mayor Gordon Officially Recognizes Mediation Week



On Thursday, Oct. 6, City of Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon will officially recognize Mediation Week as Oct. 16-22. 

Mediation Week is an initiative that celebrates the progress of alternative dispute resolution (ADR).  ADR recognizes that not all cases are suitable for costly and time consuming trials and institutionalizes mediation as one of many appropriate dispute resolution processes. 

As ADR progresses, the State Bar of Arizona and its Alternative Dispute Resolution Section maintain their commitment to advancing the practice and supporting the principles of mediation, arbitration, and alternative procedures to resolving legal issues in a civil manner. 

"Alternative dispute resolution is a practice that allows members of the legal profession to encourage the use of dialogue, problem solving, and other collaborative practices when attempting to resolve legal issues outside of the court room," says State Bar President Joe Kanefield. "We appreciate the mayor's support for mediation, which has proven to be an alternative that can help relieve the backlog of cases pending in the court system," he added.


City of Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon
State Bar of Arizona


Thursday, Oct. 6, 2011 at 9 a.m.


Phoenix City Hall - Mayor's Conference Room, 11th Floor
200 W. Washington St. - Phoenix, AZ


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