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Former Judge Suspended from Practicing Law

PHOENIX - Aug. 4, 2011 - The Supreme Court of Arizona has issued its opinion regarding the suspension of Former Tucson Municipal Court Judge Theodore Abrams from the practice of law for two years.

Abrams resigned from his position after an investigative report revealed sexual harassment and retaliation against an assistant public defender. As a result of the investigation the Commission on Judicial Conduct and Abrams entered an agreement for a censure, the only available sanction for a judge who has resigned his position.  The Court ordered the censure for violating the Code of Judicial Conduct and enjoined Abrams from "ever again functioning as a judicial officer in the State of Arizona."

The State Bar of Arizona filed a brief asking the Court to consider imposing additional disciplinary sanctions against Abrams' license to practice law. In a 20 page brief, the Bar stated that Abrams "…engaged in a prolonged and relentless effort to sexually harass an assistant public defender who appeared in his court" and "in a gross misuse of his power, he inflicted his retribution from the bench for the victim's refusal to yield to his pursuit." The brief concluded by recommending a multiple year suspension. In its order filed May 25th, the Court suspended Abrams from the practice of law in the State of Arizona for two years, effective one week from the date of the order. Today's opinion explains the foundation of that order.

You can read the full opinion here:

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