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Two Attorneys Face Disciplinary Action by the State Bar

PHOENIX - The Arizona Supreme Court has ordered an interim suspension for attorney John F. Giles and a 30-day suspension for attorney Marshall Fealk.

In the matter of John F. Giles, Jr., the State Bar of Arizona filed a motion for interim suspension based on allegations that he misappropriated trust funds while acting as a trustee.  In addition, Giles did not respond to the Bar's motion for interim suspension.  The Supreme Court granted the interim suspension and Giles was ordered to suspend his practice of law effective Jan. 4, 2011.

As stated in the Arizona Supreme Court's Order, Giles' suspension shall continue in effect until final disposition of all pending proceedings against him are earlier vacated or modified. He shall not accept any new cases or agree to further represent existing clients and may not distribute funds from any trust account to anyone unless approved by Bar counsel or the Supreme Court.

In the matter of Marshall Fealk, the State Bar entered into an agreement for discipline by consent in which Fealk admitted that he violated various provisions of the Rules of Professional Conduct that included a failure to safeguard client property, and failure to comply with trust account requirements. The Supreme Court upheld the recommendations of the Hearing Officer and Disciplinary Commission that the agreement be accepted.  Fealk had previously been the subject of disciplinary action that resulted in censure and two years probation.

Fealk's suspension is effective Feb. 4, 2011 as set forth in the Arizona Supreme Court's order. He will be placed on probation for one year upon his reinstatement.  Probation terms require that he participate in the State Bar's Law Office Management Assistance Program.  Fealk must also pay $2,857.50 for costs and proceedings in this matter to the State Bar of Arizona.

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